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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Last Weekend

Photo credit: Cats Like Us

Saturday afternoon was filled with me presenting a class on measuring yourself for a proper fit in retro style clothing. I was incredibly nervous, but the gals who came made it easy and fun. I emphasized that size is just a number in clothing and it doesn't define you as a person, it is just what those companies decided to use as their measurements to determine their sizing. Size is a sensitive subject, but focusing on what looks good on you and how you feel rather than the size is always my main goal! 

Photo with one of my best friends, Danielle

After work I went home to color my hair back to lavender, make dinner and got ready to go out to a local bar for a goth/alternative music night. Though the event was small, we all had a great time on a lovely Spring evening. 

Goth group shot! Derek, myself, Sebastian and Danielle

Second shot with flash. Hissssss! Hahaha!

My blue steel face. (photos from Danielle)

Monday was a punk show at one of the punk houses in town. Since Derek and I have off Sundays and Mondays, we consider this day part of our weekend. The main band we wanted to see was Silence from Pittsburgh, PA, who may be the gothest punk band and I told them that! They were great, but I felt sorta bad for them as the punks didn't seem too into them and the room was half full. Oh well, we dug them and bought their demo and pins, I do love my pins! 

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Omg I love your new color! And it matches your tattoos!

  2. The lavender hair is sooo jealous making! Your class looks great and I love your outfit!

  3. Wish I could have been there! Hope you do another seminar.

  4. Looks like you did a great job on your presentation!

  5. Hey! I'm the bass player in Silence! Thanks for mentioning us in a good light! It was a really fun show for us, even though not everyone was into it. Comes with the territory and we know it. I really appreciate it. We just recorded our first proper full length the week after tour and I'll be sure to send the info your way when it's ready!

    1. Awesome, that would be totally rad!!

    2. http://profanexistence.com/2015/10/30/silence-the-deafening-sound-of-absolutely-nothing/

      Something new...

    3. The album is out! Find the vinyl at profaneexistence.com or digital download at silencepgh.bandcamp.com

      I hope I'm not being obnoxious with the updates!

    4. Not at all, that is totally rad! Thank you!


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