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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Domesticated Goth

Isn't she beautiful?! Yes, I am talking about our brand new stove. Hahaha! And she has a partner.....

*Cue angels singing* Okay, this may not be that exciting to most, but to Derek and I it is very exciting. When we bought the house, (almost 3 years go) we negotiated to have the appliances as part of the sale. We figured we would use the old appliances until we either remodeled the kitchen or they malfunctioned. Well, flash back to Halloween when I went to use the oven for hot appetizers and the oven stop working. Yeahhhhhhh. Well, the oven came back to life a few times, yet that's what inspired us to shop the holiday deals and Voila! I like to cook (that's how we save boat loads of money....by eating at home), so having this new stove is 'Just Like Heaven'. It doesn't hurt they are both black and for the first time in my life, I got to pick out the features of appliances that suit our needs. All the years of living in apartments and 'making due' with that came with the rental, really makes me appreciate having our own that much more!

I have been concentrating on our bar area inside the house. We do have our amazing 'Hut' aka the garage (blog out our Hut), but in the winter it is very cold out there, even with the pellet stove burning. So, I've been wanting to maximize our little bar area and give it a little makeover, starting with new curtains. There was just a valance on this window, but was inspired by this out-of-print Robert Kaufmann fabric (etsy) to make curtain panels. I wanted to add some pattern and color to the window, but not darken the room. 

I really wish I could find more fabric to make a little cafe curtain for our front door.

The display corner got a make over too. Before...

After! Much needed storage/display and another 'pop' of color to brighten up the corner. We will be adding lighting to the shelves, so we can see our Tiki mugs and other collectibles.

We splurged and got these amazing handmade Tiki shelves from Forward Back Vintage on etsy. They are worth every penny and not only create more display space for our Tiki mug collecting insanity, BUT they look like amazing pieces of art on the wall. Now we can sit on our couch and really enjoy the view into the bar area.

Here's my typical view. Feet up on the coffee table, wrapped in my electric blanket. Hehe!

Another latest addition to our home is this amazing display case that is now in our dining room. I had been actively looking for gold display case for about a year now (finally gave up) and found one at an estate sale for a great price. It's a little smaller than I had hoped, but there is enough room for some of our bone collection and other fun tidbits. 

And just some moody shots of the living room. I was enjoying the view and snapped these.

Mortimer (our skeleton) is festive in a black pentagram Santa hat.

And the weirdo's who live here.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thank you for reading, until next time!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Buffalo Ink, Inc. 4 Year Anniversary Party

So very proud of Derek and his crew of amazing artists at Buffalo Ink, Inc. Tattoo Parlor. (left to right) Bryan Gunsell, Casey Armstrong, Jason Masarik and 'Dr. D' aka Derek Hendrickson.

An art show is a good excuse to put some fancy clothes (and hats!), have a few drinks and look at some fantastic art.

Oh yes, my hat! I took a vintage hat and added some embellishments. Bows, ornaments and yes, I 'put a bird on it'. Hahahaa!!!!

I've been inspired by hats again and already have inspiration for another holiday creation. I like taking vintage pieces and giving them a new (and kitschy) life! Keeps me outta trouble ;)

Wearing; dress (Lucky 13 via Cats Like Us), crinoline (gifted, but can be purchases at Cats Like Us), rhinestone choker (vintage) earrings, (Target?) 

Thank you for reading, until next time!

Friday, December 1, 2017

The 90s Are Alive in Buffalo

Day look: chunky sweater paired with velvet pants and red creepers

Everyone at the shop got little Halloween tattoo's after Halloween and I choose to get a little devil on my right leg. The only issue with getting my legs tattooed in colder months is what am I going to wear while it is healing? I have a few looser fitting bottoms, but they aren't anything that look nice  outside the house. Thus, I turned to Target to see if I could find anything that I liked on their website. I found these velvet wide leg pants and once I put them on, I was transported back to the 90s. I used to always wear wide leg pants and I have always loved velvety pants, as they are so comfy and cozy! 

Tattoo by @vomicidal Buffalo Ink Inc. Tattoo Parlor

Night look for date night: black ponte knit blazer paired with velvet pants and chunky heel boots.

I have to do some hemming to the pants are they are a bit too long for the types of shoes that I normally wear. Even with a 2 inch creepers I'm still stepping on the bottoms of the pants....flash back to memories of tattered bottoms. Hahahaa! But, regardless of the length, I'm loving wearing wide leg pants again and styling them into my wardrobe.

Do you wear wide leg pants? If so, how do you like to style them?

Thank you for reading, until next time!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Dramatic Sleeves and Dramatic Poses

I shop at Target a lot, but I don't venture into the clothing section too often as I don't like to add to my bill (hello, self control?). When I do check from time to time, I fell in love with a piece. This black knit dress from the Who What Wear collection really caught my attention (plus size available too!) and I'm so glad I made the purchase.

Besides the fun, dramatic bell flared sleeves, the stretch knit is so comfortable and keeps a nice shape while it's on. I've already worn and washed the dress twice and it is still perfect! It's a great travel knit too, just fold and roll. Easy dress to style a variety of ways, I just have to figure out some ways to layer so I'm not covering up the sleeves, but the dress also looks amazing with my velvet coat.......

Wearing: black velvet beret (vintage, via estate sale), velvet coat (vintage, via eBay), dress (Target), cross scarf (gift), winklepickers (thrifted, from Julie Ann)

Do you find pieces from Target (or other department stores) that you love?

Thank you for reading, until next time!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

My Halloween Costumes 2017

First "costume" was for a surprise Halloween birthday party for our dear friend Casey. It was the first weekend of October and I didn't have any costumes in mind, but Bryan (Casey's boyfriend) mentioned either a costume for capes/cloaks for the party, so it gave me a chance to wear this tulle cape I got on Halloween clearance last year. I also wanted a new wig and I asked my friend Jodee to go wig shopping with me (which inspired our 'wig of the month' club idea) and I came home with this gorgeous red wig.

I've been missing my fiery red hair, so this wig is appeasing my appetite for hair change....which no change is going to happen. Hahaha!

A nun has been a default costume for me over the past few years, but it evolves and changes. I received this dress along with a vast collection of vintage goth clothing from a lovely reader. Mary has been so incredibly generous and with each box she's sends me, it brings back many memories of clothing brands that I would lust over as a teen into a young 20 something year old. I squealed out loud when I took out this Omen brand dress. If I remember correctly, Omen was a German clothing brand and they made a lot of screen printed cotton bondage dresses and tops. Nowadays you see edgy screen printed garments everywhere you turn, but Omen was unique at the time and having a anti-religious/satanic theme to the clothing was really quite shocking.

Nun habit was $5.99 ebay find, collar and boots from my own closet. Side note about the collar: Several years ago my Mother gave me some money for my birthday and told me to pick something out. Like she always does, my Mother asked me what I bought myself with the birthday money. I told her I bought a chain collar and I laughed when she was not surprised at all. Hahaha!!!

The nun costume was for Bryan's goth dance night (Friday) and I thought it was also the same night as another Halloween event, but I got the dates mixed up. Turns out the other Halloween event was the next day, so I needed another costume! I dug around in the costume boxes and got Derek's Adam Ant Highway Dandy Man costume parts together and came up with the idea of dressing like 80s Boy George. Two 80s music icons? Together? HELL YES!!!! I ran out and grabbed some white pants from the thrift store, gave them a quick wash and put together the remaining costume parts from my closet. I guess it's a good thing I love large pattern oversize shirts and oversize sweaters. Hahahaa!!! I didn't get great photos, but I did have fun making this little video. 

The event was a blast, it was a bunch of local bands/musicians covering bands like; The Cure, Motorhead, etc. I was a little overwhelmed as to how many people LOVED my costume and gave me hugs, high fives, shook my hand and took photos. Apparently Boy George makes a lot of people happy and I got a kick out of knowing how many people love the 80s!

Do you use items from your own closet to create costumes?

Thank you for reading, until next time!