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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Come Dance With Me : Radiation

Ughhhhhh! Well, it's a good ugh for sure as I went out to Radiation, our local goth dance night in Buffalo. This girl danced so much I have blood blisters on my feet, my hips and back hurt, and I have a headache
<-----------------------------------------this big--------------------------------------------------------->
I'm now trying to drink buckets of coffee and watch Kitchen Nightmares as I have a crush on Gordon Ramsey. I love a man who yells about food while jumping up and down!

Melanie snapped a photo of me at the club, now with nose chain!

My outfit is a little ridiculous with belts and crosses and buckles, oh my!, but it's fun to over-accessorize when you're going to the club. Essentially I'm wearing a tunic with leggings (it was cold last night!) and a jacket, simple and comfortable. I was going to wear a corset, but Thanksgiving Day dinner made me feel like the stuffed turkey when I put one on. D'oh! I have to admit I like corsets (the four I don't wear), but I'm not in love with wearing them when I want to dance like a mad woman. So, I wore the -suck it in- underwear....besides it's dark in the club, who cares!

The Melanie <3

I'm wearing the lovely Ankh of the Dead by Alchemy Gothic that Derek got me for our anniversary.
Nothing says love like getting your wife an ankh necklace that turns into a dagger! Awwwww

These are more wonderful ladies in my life!

It's always worth staying up past my bed time to see everyone and have a blast once a month. The dj's played the most amazing music and played my request:


Now I'm going to crawl to the couch and be a lump for the rest of the day. *Wink*

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XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. You look amazing! :) I adore that nose chain of yours!

    1. Thank you! First time wearing it and I just hacked up a rosary and voila!

  2. Seems that you had a great night out :). I love the cross leggings.

    1. Thank you love! I did have a great time, so much time recovering too! Haha!

  3. Great outfit! You know you've had a good night of dancing if you have a few blisters on your feet!

    1. Oh goodness yes! I think I need to be more choosy with my dancing shoes, ouch!!! ;)


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