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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Outfits I've Been Rockin'

Hello friends! Just a few outfits I've been wearing over the last week and a half. I've been cold, so layering has been the number one theme in my mind. We've been having a weird weather with up's and down's in the temperature and I'm convinced that's why everyone around has been ill. I've had the sniffles for a month. UGH!

Anywho, I'm wearing some favorite basics like a button up collared shirt, drapey cardigan and my favorite 80s skirt. I love silver accessories as they really 'pop' against black, as well as boots with buckles. I can't get enough of the Western style double buckle belt, I have to tell myself that I doesn't need to be worn with every outfit. *Wink*

Hard to see, but I'm wearing gray tights. Ohhhh, so daring. (sarcasm) I know, I know. Once again silver accessories against black and this time I little gray thrown into the mix. I love shirt dresses, because I can wear a few layers underneath without creating bulk.  I also have to give my oversized 80s sweater a big shout out, as it's massive sleeves help to hide any lumps on my arms (the dress has buttons on the 3/4 length sleeves) that would be obvious with a more fitted sweater. One of the best thrift finds EVER!

My hair was acting so stupid on Wednesday and it was crazy windy out, so I threw it back into a messy ponytail and hairsprayed and teased until I felt I looked like a crazed 80s secretary. I also decided to wear some light blue eyeshadow to fit in with the look. Side note- I always have mixed emotions about wearing blue eyeshadow as it reminds me of my dancer days when my Mom would pile on the blue shadow for dance recitals...and the cream blush. AHHHH!!!

Everything is vintage/second hand except the gray & black draped open front sweater, belt and boots. There was so much static going on. So much. Maybe that's why my hair stayed up all day, the static electricity helped. Hahaha!!!

Thank you for reading, until next time!!


  1. That's one of the things that I can't stand about Winter. The static electricity.

  2. Your hair is awesome in the last photo! I've been seeing those double belts everywhere. Looks awesome. These vintage looks are awesome on you, but you already know that!

  3. You have such skill in assembling basic pieces into fabulous outfits!

  4. I really love the top necklace and earrings and the bottom and top hair!

  5. I also have the belt from the first photo! I do not usually use betls, but I really love this one :)

    Merry Xmas ;)

  6. You always look so fab Meagan!

  7. Nice outfits! The static cling at this time of the year also drives me NUTS!!

  8. Girl, that double buckle belt! It should always be a go-to because it is incredibly badass! I've been drooling over that since I saw it the first time!

  9. Love all these outfits! You're crazed 80's secretary look!! Yes! <3


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