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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wiggle It

I pulled out my Vamp Dress by Mode Merr and wondered to myself why I have been shying away from such form-fitting clothing. I slipped  into this little black number and quickly realized why it's in my closet...it's amazing! Stretchy, but has good structure and it's a good base piece in which I can layer with cardigans, vests, etc. 

Yeah, I'm wearing a 'regular' bra with an off-the-shoulder dress. I think it still looks good!

Blahhhh, I'm a bat!

Have you recently re-discovered something in your closet?

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. That is very sexy - love the tights and the way that dress fits you. It has great lines.

  2. I enjoy how straps look with off-the-shoulder clothing. I love when I dig some old thing that I have forgotten about in my closet! It is the best feeling when you can give new life to old clothes!

  3. love this look on you ^^
    I also always wear regular bra with off sholder dressed and tops =D

  4. Love this on you! And love your last pic! It's a good "so what? I'll get you!" pic ;) LOL!

  5. Definitely vampish! Wow! Also jealous of the earrings!

  6. Always exuding ghoulish glamour! ♥ Love this look in you!
    I'm currently organizing my closet, I have yet to find a lost gem. :D


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