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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Coffin Kitsch Being Festive, Well Trying

I worked a holiday party on Saturday and was asked to dress "festive", I panicked a little because there is a serious lack of red and green, or even blue in my wardrobe. So, I wore the only red top I own and layered it under my new skater style (why do they call it that!?), lace back cardigan and tied it all together with black and white striped knee socks and Rosie head scarf. Can't forget my snowflake pin, which I believe is in the festive holiday spirit for sure! I put on some rhinestone earrings, for extra sparkle!

The dress, oh the dress! I was searching fruitlessly for a black skater style dress (AKA a gathered waist a-line skirt dress) and Google helped me location this dress via their shopping tool. I ordered the skater dress from Deb Shops online, which I have to admit I can't remember the last time I shopped at Deb or had even been in one of their stores, so I was a little surprised they had an online store! The dress was on sale-$14.75-but it was sleeveless and I wanted sleeves, but I said "screw it" in my head and went for it. I'm glad I did other than the fact I stupidly ordered a large thinking I'd give myself some extra room because they are junior's sizes and you-never-know, Holy roomy boob room Batman! I was wrong! The dress was HUGE on top, but I like the fit in the waist which allows for me to layer comfortably, so I took in the bust area on my sewing machine. Easy fix, I'm happy and now I finally have a dress that I can wear with just about everything. Phew! I have been victorious and under my budget!!!!

How do you dress when asked to be "festive"?

Thanks for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. I wear the usual heinous outfit, and I throw some glitter eyeliner into the mix. My wardrobe is growing ever more dreary, but glitter is cheap.

  2. SUCH a cute outfit! I love it!

    The bit of red and black and white really make it pop.

  3. Seriously cute, love the snowflake haha :P

    Please do check out my makeup/style blog as well:
    blingyoctopus.blogspot.ca Thank you! :)

  4. Cute dress, I really like the head scarf! When I am forced to be festive, I usually go for something black and gold. Black and gold reminds me of the 80's but it is trendy again now and gold is KIND of an Xmas colour.


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