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Friday, December 7, 2012

Merry Gothidays : Suggestions On What To Wear

My serious 'Merry Gothimas' face

I know some people may get all in panic when it comes to dressing for the holidays when you're a goth or an alternative type, you are faced with family gatherings, work parties, and generally being around people who may not know you. Just relax, breathe, it's going to be OK! The key to keeping yourself comfortable, yet still within your taste/style and working around it. I'm not telling you to not be yourself, but sometimes we need to make slight adjustments to our styles.

I've put together a few suggestions for the Gothidays, I hope you find some inspiration!

Gothidays Fancy

I envisioned a woman going to an office party or a family function. I've based the outfit around the burgundy dress with faux leather accents as I like the simple silhouette of the dress, but the faux leather accents give it a harder edge. I like mixing textures and shine to give visual interest and to stand out without giving up looking polished and chic. I think the key to keeping your fashion identity is picking things that really speak to you and looking for those elements anytime you shop. These items aren't from a goth store, but I can see a raven haired beauty with tattoos rocking this frock and looking as good as any other woman.

Gothidays Victorian Inspired

I had the more classic Gothic Victorian ladies in mind when I was putting together this outfit. The red blouse from Retroscope Fashions is my main focus of the outfit, building from there I could see the blouse being paired with a jacket and a skirt and/or black trousers. I liked the idea of breaking up all the black with a patterned shoe and adding some texture with the grey tapestry clutch. I've been finding myself more drawn to grey as it's a great netural and it looks great with black! Oh, and let's say I'm drooling over those cameo earrings!!!

Punk Does the Holidays

I like to call this 'Punk Does The Holidays'. I think people forget that red tartan is very festive for the holiday season, it makes me think of Charles Dickens and Victorian Christmas carolers. I have to admit I don't wear plaids, but I do like their allure and the way I paired this ensemble would make me reconsider giving plaid a try! This look is a little more edgier with studs and spikes, but I think the cut of the dress along side pairing it with a peplum jacket softens the look. I would definitely wear my mohawk up for this ensemble, perhaps decorate it with some festive blinking light!? *Wink*

There are numerous ways to dress for the holiday season, yet it's fun to play dress up and perhaps think outside of the box. I purchased a few fun new things to wear for the Gothidays that you will see in the coming weeks!

How do you like to dress for the holidays? 

Thanks for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Unfortunately, I'll be working most (all) of this holiday season. I love seeing how people decide to dress for the holidays!

  2. I would love to have those outfits :D

  3. I remember last year I went to Christmas dinner with bright purple hair. Not the best experience. I really love these outfits, especially the blouse and shoes in the second one.

  4. Fantastic outfits! I'd wear pretty much everything here to work or a family gathering :)

  5. I love all the outfits! But especially the tartan dress! I will dress comfy. As far as I know there will only be the closests family members and I will be in the kitchen.

  6. I WANT THOSE STRIPED HEELS in Pic #2. WHERE did you find them???? (

    Sorry for shouting, but shoes sometimes make me do that.) ::embarrassed grin::

    1. Haha! Here ya go : http://tukshoes.com/store/products/singleproduct/1029

      Shoes make me wanna scream for joy too ;)

  7. VERY cool! LOVE them all!!! Thanks for participating! And PS: you are just too cute for words. Serious, you? That's like saying I'm serious! HA!

  8. Awesome! I probably won't have time to make it, but I want to do up one of those ridiculous circle skirts from the 50's that have the embellishments. Sort of like this


  9. That first dress is divine! But I definitely would rock that tartan dress in a heartbeat hehe
    My family always goes to christmas mass, and my mother's always like 'dress nice and no holes' (which is something she tells me on a daily basis) but I stuff myself into the christmas spirit and comply for that one day.

  10. My favourite is the burgundy dress look. That is the kind of dress I'm always looking for; something with a bit of and edge, but not something that looks like it comes from the "goth store". NOT that there is anything wrong with clothes from the "goth store" (I have a lot of that sort of thing!) but it is good to be able to look appropriate but still keep your own style when you are at family or work events. Great post!

    1. Thank you, I completely agree! I find my most favorite dresses off the beaten path!


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