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Sunday, April 30, 2017

This Old Goth Haus: Getting Ready for the Summer

Celebrating getting 'shit done'

Derek and I have been cleaning up the death and decay that Winter brought upon the yard and around our humble abode. We are getting ready for warmer weather! The grill has been cleaned, outdoor furniture has been taken out of the shed, I cleaned up dead leaves and other various trash, and we put up the screen for the garage. A.K.A - Our Tiki hut.

We are also pretty darn excited to have the last part of our sewer project which will be completed tomorrow. The sump pump discharge (and downspout) will be tied into our sewer line, which will stop the swamp forming in our front yard. Yay! Once the pipeline is laid underground, we can then fix up the front garden and add shrubs. Our little goth haus won't look so sad any more! Hahahaha!

I got a little creative and made some little flower planters out of plastic pink lawn flamingos. I purchased some inexpensive flamingos (The Christmas Tree store), a four pack of little plastic pots (Dollar Tree) and some purple pansies (Home Depot). I used a very sharp utility knife and cut a rectangular hole in the back section of the flamingo, then I put the pansies in the little pots and fit the flower pot into the hole. Voila! Kitschy planters. I have some ideas involving Halloween blow molds for the front of the house, looks like I can't be stopped! Creepy in the front, Tiki in the back, the best of both our worlds. Hahahaa!!!

We both have black thumbs (no goth pun intended), so I'm happy to report that I've only killed one plant so far. Sigh.......

Thank you for reading, until next time!


  1. I'm looking forward to living vicariously through your summer tiki celebrations

    1. I look forward to sharing the shenanigans!

  2. The Mighty Beach House Tiki God approves. XD

  3. I love the flamingo planters. Such a great idea! :D

    And hooray for no more swamp! I just had pipes laid to bring water to my yard. Homeowners seem to spend a lot of time and money moving water from one place to another. :P

  4. Glad the sewer problem is fixed! Love the flamingos!


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