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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Just A Little Kitschmas

Derek and I went out looking for Christmas decorations yesterday and since we love kitsch and vintage-inspired decor, we opted to visit a few local antique shops and co-ops. We came home with a few neat pieces to add to our sparse collection.

I'm not a Christmas fanatic and got a 'bah humbug' attitude from working in retail for so many years, but being with Derek has made it a lot of fun. We do our own thing, in our own way and make the holidays our own. There is too much pressure people put on themselves with baking, cooking, shopping, family gatherings, etc. Pfffft. Just enjoy some holiday cheer (wine) and chill out!

blow mold toy solider :)

Merry Kitschmas my dear readers! Off to find some more weirdness!

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. We had ornaments like the Santa one in your first photo in my home when I was a kid. My mom had me late in life, technically she is old enough to be my grandma. I wonder if she still has some vintage Christmas stuff now I could get my hands on...

  2. Not that it needs to be noted but I can't imagine that Derek and you wouldn't do it your own way :) Having a buddy/spouse/partner to share in the fun completely helps!

  3. Ugh I love kitschy decorations. My Nan had a whole collection of them! And my dad inherited them when she passed away this year, so now some of her kitschy-cute things are combined with my mom's decorations :)

  4. I love your kitschy decorations! I've been looking for some creepy santas myself for the front yard. If it ever comes I'll have to blog out it :)

  5. Christmas kitsch is the best! It's the lighthearted side of holiday decor and a firm favourite of mine, too. Great finds! I hope that you continue to unearth some more wonderful old school finds.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Cute stuff!
    I love how in tune both of you are with each other-- it's really sweet =)

  7. "Just enjoy some holiday cheer (wine) and chill out!"<<<<Well said. More people need to get the stick out of their @$$ at this time of the year and settle down!!


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