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Monday, December 21, 2015

Birthday Week

Hello dear friends! The holidays have put me in a holiDAZE and I can barely keep my days straight, but I can tell you that last week was a grand week which included my birthday. This past Saturday I turned 35 and celebrated with friends all week long. In the past few years I haven't given much of a care about my birthday, but this year I was in the mood to celebrate!

I had mentioned in my last post that we went to some antique malls on Monday and I scored this beautiful vintage bag to go with my Hawaiian muumuu's and Tiki outfits. It was the perfect bag to take with me to Cantina Loco's new Cantiki Tuesdays! Our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant is having a Tiki night and it's like a dream come true. Mmmm, so good!

Now it brings me to Wednesday night when a bunch of my gang went roller skating with me! I grew up going to roller rinks every week, so being on skates just makes me so happy. My birthday was a good excuse to round up the friends and roller boogie!

crappy photo, cool cake

Yeah, my friends are awesome. Mike and Judy surprised me with a cake at the roller rink and guess who's on it......me, well it's Pink Taco. Hahaha! Pink Taco was my 2014 Halloween costume and you can read all about it from this blog post.  I still can't stop laughing about the cake. Brilliant, hilarious and creative!

birthday outfit. simple and warm.

Saturday the 19th was my actual birthday and after work we went to back to Cantina Loco for a birthday taco and tequila. After the restaurant we headed over to Mohawk Place to see some bands and it was pretty awesome to spend my birthday evening in a place I love so much.....especially since it had been closed for quite some time.

necklace I'm wearing in the photo above that is a gift from Julie Ann and Andrew

Amongst all the beautiful and generous gifts I received from family and friends, Derek presented me with this beautiful gaff*. Derek commissioned this piece which was made by our talented friend Brian who creates beautiful pieces of artwork. I was blown away by the gift as well as Brian's talent! I love also love that Derek said to me, "I realized I have never given you a gaff before". So sweet and I'm tearing up just typing this out. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the Winter Solstice and however you celebrate this holiday season!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla

*gaff-The “gaff” of interest to us is the one that began as a gimmicked or rigged prop often used by magicians or illusionists to imitate sword swallowers. The evolution of “gaff” was them applied to a created “creature” such as a “FeeJee mermaid,” to pull people into the sideshow. The term “gaff” comes from the “gaff” fishing tool used to pull fish in; in sideshow terms, a “gaff” can be used at sideshows to “hook” or pull people into the sideshow


  1. What great presents... and friends! Sounds like you had a really full birthday week!!!

  2. happy belated birthday :-D

  3. A very happy (albeit belated) birthday to you! What wonderful friends =D

    1. They are all wonderful, makes me feel very special :)

  4. Happy birthday! ^^ That gaff is spectacular, so cool and somehow melancholic, I love it!

  5. Happy birthday Meagan! It looks like you really had a great birthday this year with lots of celebrations! For my husband's birthday this year he also chose to celebrate at the roller rink! :D So so sweet of your friends to bring a cake and to also put you as pink taco on it! :D happy birthday!

    1. That is awesome, yay for roller skating celebrations! =D

  6. What a stellar gaff - anything seahorse related always goes down a treat in my books.

    Happiest birthday wishes, lovely Meagan. I hope that the coming year is one of joy, fun and lots of great experiences for you.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you love, 2015 was a great year and I'm sure 2016 will be even better. I wish you the greatest of joy!


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