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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Craaaaaaaaaamps Style!

Ok, I know it is "Cramp Stomp", but gold leopard print makes me think of The Cramps and their amazing style! Anywho, I am wearing a work outfit featuring this little cropped sweater by Sourpuss Clothing with my favorite thrifted skirt. I probably write that it is "my favorite" every time I wear it in a blog post. I just can't help it! Hehehe!

Those earrings! Those giant earrings! Julie Ann picked them up at a jewelry sale for me and they are perfectly obnoxious, just the way I like em'. Simple, but extremely versatile for me.

Giant sweep of the skirt, one of the many reasons why I love this 80s skirt. The day I can't wear it any more, I will be seriously bummed. Wait, I don't care, I will make it live forever! Muahahahahahaa!!!!

On a total random note, Sary of The Walrum Room tagged me on Facebook and let me know I'm on the 15 Unrivalled Goth Fashion BlogsI am humbled and flattered. I always think it is really cool to read how other people view me and my blog. Speaking of blogs, please visit two blogs I have been really enjoying and they deserve to be added to your reading lists, Kriss Poison and Von Monstra. Enjoy!

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Woot! gratz on the achivement!

  2. Congratulations on being included in the 15 Unrivalled Goth Fashion Blogs lineup; you totally deserve it!! <3 (and thank you so much for mentioning me!)

    I love this outfit and that skirt especially. Such a lovely cut!

  3. You look great as always! I can see why that skirt is your favorite; so flowy (is that a word?) and fun. I love the hairstyle!

    Congrats on being on the list! Just as you should be. :D

    1. Congrats to you for being included on the list as well!!!

  4. Love everything about this outfit! And congrats on getting picked for the 15 Unrivalled Goth Fashion Blogs! :D

  5. Really loving the outfit, I am a huge fan of black and yellow together! Those 2 new blogs you posted look intriguing, thanks for the link!

  6. Following both blogs now, thanks for the tip!

  7. I'm so behind on commenting, but these recent outfits are all things awesome! As usual, you're looking stunning! ♥♥♥

  8. very cool person you are you look like art but on a good way. You are looking very good.

    i was in paris and saw a lot of people with those outfits you have...

    But i have to say you have something ''old''. You look like those kitschy pinup girls of the 40s


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