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Thursday, November 2, 2017

False Alarm, I'm NOT Moving!

Hey readers, disregard my previous (now deleted) post about the new blog. I figured out that I can turn my blog back into a blogpost, so I'm not www.coffinkitsch.blogspot.com. The only bummer is that all my google searching and images will come up with a 404 error and not redirect my posts to the new web address. Oh well, but I figured out I can stay here at Coffin Kitsch! Sorry about the confusion, I'm not good at interneting sometimes. LOL!!!!


  1. I for one am happy that I don't have to update my links--you're still on my feed despite the URL change 😀

    1. Phew! Ok good! Glad my readers can still find me. Thank you for letting me know that!!

  2. I haven't got any of your new posts in my feed after that moving post. So I guess I have to add ''.blogspot'' to the url then! Bloglovin hasn't updated either


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