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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What's Going On....

How I've been keeping cool....LOL!

My parents have been in town since last Sunday, staying with us at our humble abode. This have been a little hectic with two extra people using one bathroom, getting breakfast in the morning and coordinating dinners, etc., but it's nice to have people using the guest room that we have been working on for these past few months. 

I threw my Mom a 65th birthday party on Saturday and it was hot, but the weather was fitting as the party was luau themed. I'm not a girl who loves the heat and humidity, but I'm happy we're having some Summer weather before it turns cold and then snows. After this past Winter we've had, I don't want to complain....too much. 

And I have to mention I got a sunburn on my face. Ouch, sigh and it made me sick......
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. I hear you. I hate the humidity but I dont want to complain too much either, it was such a horrible winter! I love your way of keeping cool! I am fortunate that I have AC now but when I first lived on my own, I didn't. I had a "ghetto AC" which involved a fan and a bowl of ice in front of the fan! It worked! LOL

  2. ROFL!!! Love that pic! Is that a "gothic Marilyn" look you're going for??? ;-)

  3. Floor fans make terrible bustles.

  4. Yeah I don't enjoy the heat much. Love that fan picture, it's very funny :)

  5. I hate hot weather! Love the pic!

  6. Glad you are having a good time! The Luau party for your mom sounds like a lot of fun. And lol, I do that with my fan too when it gets too hot! ;)

  7. ARGH, sunburn. Every time I get one it makes me feel nauseous and achy, BLAH.


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