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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Walking Around in a Daze

Yesterday was a terrible for all of America....and the world. I always knew the system was totally fucked, but it goes to show the true colors of my country and it disgusts me. I pretty much keep my mouth shut when it comes to expressing certain opinions online, but I can't help to express my overwhelming fear as a woman, supporter of the LGBTQ community and believer that all people of any race and religion should all be treated equally with dignity and respect. I have lost a lot of my hope, but I will continue to support my community and continue to fight. 


  1. Not to mention that the world stands on the brink of environmental catastrophe and now we will spend another 4 years with the leadership heads up there butts doing unfathomable damage. However, I am not going to take it lying down. Time to get involved to protect the things I hold sacred.

  2. Its time to get politically active again. During the Bush years it was sit ins and and marches for the LGBTQ community. Been there, done that, have the signs and stickers. This panel on how to stop harassment is good to review.


    Keeping quiet about politics is no longer a luxury. Sigh. As a white middle class woman I feel the responsibility to speak out and make safe space for the people Trump has singled out as less than.

  3. Meanwhile over in Australia we are still scratching our heads WHY?

  4. Sorry about the news. Hope people will stand together against racism, homophobia, poorphobia and so on...

  5. I still can't believe he won. Truly frightening.


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